Open positions

AI Junior Researcher / PhD StudentNormalization of geolocation records using deep learning techniques
Submission deadline:December 2, 2022
Apply deep learning techniques to the problem of normalizing records in databases, namely addresses and other geolocation references. The system to be developed must infer, from previous records, the correct mapping between the input records and the records of a standardized database.
AI Junior Researcher / PhD StudentHigh confidence information retrieval and question answering
Submission deadline:December 2, 2022
In the context of the Center for Responsible AI project, the aim is to develop state-of-the-art techniques for information retrieval and question answering, based on deep learning models, that generate high-quality, explainable, answers to complex queries.
AI Junior Researcher / PhD StudentApplication of reinforcement learning methods to the generation of efficient algorithms
Submission deadline:December 2, 2022
Deep reinforcement learning methods have been extensively applied in sequential decision optimization, and have advanced the state-of-the-art in areas like game playing, robotics and planning. The selected candidate will apply deep reinforcement learning methods to the optimization of methods and algorithms in different areas of application related to the Responsible AI project.
Research Grant / MSc StudentApplication of efficient deep learning models for urban monitoring
Submission deadline:November 21, 2022
Develop algorithms and processing pipelines to classify images obtained in an urban environment, using deep learning methodologies that can be implemented in low-performance processors.